Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cooper's has big plans for Fort Worth

Cooper’s Barbecue is building the behemoth of barbecue joints in Fort Worth. It’s beyond gigantic–this meat market will be 23,000 square feet! And it’s not like Fort Worth lacks for places to eat brisket and ribs, either, what with Angelo’s and the Railhead, to mention just a few. My friend Bud Kennedy, columnist and gadabout for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, says he thinks it’s the biggest bbq joint in the world. He sent me this picture. Here’s my question: Does any self-respecting Texan want to eat barbecue in a brand-new, squeaky-clean, non-smoke-begrimed building? It just ain’t right.

Pat Sharpe, Executive Editor, Texas Monthly (hat tip to Kalese)

Weigh in, folks: Good or bad move for Cooper's?

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