Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Detoxing and debriefing

I'm exhausted. Who knew tending a smoker all day would wear you out? I have a heightened appreciation for all the BBQ joints that, day in and day out, do what Brad and I did yesterday. (If you missed it, track the whole day here.)

Having said that, yesterday was awesome. Seeing the process through, from beginning to end, was really neat. And the brisket, to our surprise, turned out amazing. It was very moist throughout, with a great outside char. Our party of 12 downed all 10 pounds of it. We're already ready to do it again. Or maybe we'll quit, while we're batting 1.000.

I'll be sure to post any thoughts/reviews I get. From Brad and me: Thanks to everyone who tracked our journey throughout the day yesterday. And many thanks to Amber, Ashley, Bo, Dave, Jason, John T., Lori, Mark, Russell, and Skye, for taking part in the big brisket fun. That's right. I listed in alphabetical order.

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R.S. said...

thanks for posting the progress. I think the next step is to repeat the process, this time adding Russell's homemade sauce.

Also, I've pointed one of my friends here in Kentucky to your site. His name is Chad and he's from Louisiana. He's a fellow smoker and BBQ sauce guru.

R. Strebeck (Russell's cousin)