Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Announcing Man Up Texas BBQ's "Gettin' Sauced!" Texas BBQ Sauce Contest

It's official, folks, so mark your calendars. Gettin' Sauced!, our Texas BBQ sauce contest, will be held at 5 pm on Sunday, March 7, at Franklin Barbecue in Austin. This is a great chance to taste Texas BBQ sauces and pick your favorites. The event is open to everyone, and it's free, so help us spread the word! Here are some details:
  • Dozens of bottled and fresh Texas BBQ sauces

  • Live music

  • Lots of great door prizes

  • Refreshments provided by Saint Arnold Brewing Company

  • Desserts provided by Don Strange of Texas, Inc.

  • Visit with representatives of Texas BBQ restaurants and vendors

  • Open to the public and no admission fee

  • Each scorecard entitles you to taste and rate every sauce, with as much white bread as you need

  • Suggested donation of $3 per scorecard, to help defray event expenses

  • Judges' panel's results announced at end of event, and partygoers' results announced later on the blog

  • RVSP via Facebook or Yelp or by emailing manuptexasbbq@yahoo.com (RSVPs not required to attend but are greatly appreciated, as they will help us plan the event)


Anonymous said...

Who's included in live music?

Drew Thornley said...

In the next couple of weeks, we'll be announcing both the live music acts and the members of the judges' panel, so stay tuned.

gregg meyer said...

How do you enter the contest? We have a couple of pretty good sauces we like to put on our BBQ over in Elgin

Gregg Meyer,

Meyer's Elgin Sausage
Meyer's Elgin Smokeshouse

Anonymous said...

How are y'all gonna fit 150+ people into that little-bitty area?


Drew Thornley said...

Guess you'll have to get there early! J/k. We actually have more space than you might think. More space than is available on a typical day there.