Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Church of Texas BBQ brethren

Part of yesterday's lunch crew at JMueller BBQ in Austin, listed left to right by Twitter handle: @ManUpTexasBBQ/@TheQCard, @GettinSauced, @psedillo, @BBQSnob, @fulmer, & @houston_foodie.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First meal at JMueller BBQ (Austin, TX)

I was in Dallas the Saturday that John Mueller opened his new BBQ trailer on S. 1st St. in Austin, and I was teaching during lunchtime on Tuesday, so the Wednesday of his first week of business was my first chance to go; and I did. Brad joined me and snagged the last parking spot, so I parked around the corner and walked it. We stood in line but the line moved well, so the wait was short. We swallowed the brisket sample John puts on your tray before you order, and then Brad ordered a brisket sandwich with chipotle coleslaw, while I got lean brisket (so that the people behind me would be sure to get the fatty - I'm a giver, you see.) with baked squash. (John is in the process of becoming an affiliate of The Q Card, so I cannot rate the food.) I'm not big on slaw/beans/potato salad, so I was happy to see some squash. If you like cheese & butter, order it! If you like a kick, order the slaw. He's got 2 trailers: 1 with his (huge) smoker, 1 for serving. You order at the first window, then move around the side to pay at the second window. Picnic tables for seating, and he's in the process of building some shade for the tables. JMueller BBQ is open Tue-Sat from 11 until they sell out, and they cater. Check out their Facebook page. Welcome to Austin, JMueller!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Smokers at the American Royal (Kansas CIty, MO)

A few smokers this year's American Royal BBQ competition. Brad took loads of smoker pics. Will post them later.