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2 free tickets to the Sunday Fair (Sun, April 3, Austin, TX)!!!

Two (2) free tickets to the Sunday Fair (Sun, April 3), brought to you by our friends from the Texas Hill Country Food & Wine Festival. To get your name in the hat for the drawing, do one (or more) of the following: email me, leave a comment below this post, RT my giveaway announcement on Twitter, or leave a comment below our Facebook post. For each of these you do, you'll get your name in the hat. So, you can get your name in the hat a maximum of 4 times. Contest closes at noon Central tomorrow.

EVENT DETAILS: The Sunday Fair goes urban with its new location at the Mexican American Cultural Center in downtown Austin. Billed as an “Eclectic Urban Celebration of Food, Wine & Spirits,” local breweries, restaurants, and purveyors will throw the city’s biggest food party of the year at this pristine location along Austin’s Lady Bird Lake. Sunday Fair, Sunday, April 3, at the Mexican American Cultural Center. And new this year at Sunday Fair, the Ultimate Taco Showdown where five of Austin’s top taco purveyors will sample and sell their best tacos. A popular vote by attendees will determine Austin’s best taco! Voting will go on from 1 – 3:45 pm and winner will be announced at 4 pm in the Chef demo tent. To purchase tickets, go online at

Chris Lilly gives MUTB a ringing endorsement!!!

See Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview.

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Interview with Chris Lilly (Part 1)

It's taken almost a year, but I've finally uploaded the videos of our interview at Memphis in May last year of champion pitmaster Chris Lilly, of Bib Bog Gibson's in Decatur, AL. Really, really nice guy. I issued him a challenge to face off against some prime pitmasters in Texas, and he said any chance to come to Austin would be worth it. So, let's make it happen Texas pitmasters!

QOTD: Better BBQ in Dallas or Houston?

Frame your answer however you want. Dallas and Houston proper and/or metro. Go.

Coming up...

Recap and pics of The Pork Experiment (Austin)

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Jennifer's pics from our latest trip to Snow's (Lexington)

Video interviews of champion pitmaster Chris Lilly - finally

Jacob recounts his first visit to the new Franklin Barbecue (Austin)

*This Saturday, Man Up heads to Buster's BBQ in Lakeway. If you want to join us, let me know.

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The rest from The Salt Lick

The rest from our dinner at The Salt Lick (Driftwood, TX) with Holly & Katie, of Gnarly Head Wines (Napa, CA):

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More from the table at The Salt Lick

More from our dinner at The Salt Lick (Driftwood, TX) with Holly & Katie, of Gnarly Head Wines (Napa, CA):

Friday, March 25, 2011

Texas BBQ & California Wine

Earlier this month, Brad and I had the pleasure of getting together with Holly & Katie, our new friends from Gnarly Head Wines (Napa, CA), while they were in Austin for a zinfandel conference. After drinks at Truluck's, we took the nice drive down to Driftwood for dinner at The Salt Lick. Since they had several of their wines - zin, pino noir, & cab - with them and since TSL is BYOB, it seemed like the right choice for introducing our NoCal pals to Texas BBQ. (Gnarly Head just joined Twitter. Follow 'em!)

I handled the ordering, and the ladies handled wine pairings. Brad handled, well, eating and drinking. On the menu: brisket (half inside cut & half outside, pork ribs, turkey, sausage, half chicken, and bowls of beans, slaw, & potato salad (which, IMO, are best when mixed together). Plus a second order of ribs, which turned out to be much hotter than the first and, again IMO, the best item of the night. The ladies were fantastic company and patiently explained many Xs and Os of wine to this teetotaler. After 3 hours of 40 minutes at the table, the leftovers were boxed and the wine was gone, so we took a couple of pics of the pit and headed back to A-town.

Katie & Holly seemed to enjoy the food and the atmosphere and were happy to learn that TSL ships. They were gracious enough to invite us to be judges at the championship of Gnarly Head's Rippin' Ribs competition, to be held in October in Kansas City. Needless to say, we're looking forward to it.

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