Saturday, March 12, 2011

First day at the new Franklin Barbecue!

As I recently announced, today is opening day at Franklin Barbecue's brick-and-mortar location on E 11th. I was on a plane early this morning, heading to Alabama (booked last nite after my trip to Japan became a no-go), so I wasn't able to go. Jacob, a Man Upper, texted me around 10 this morning. He was already in line. Hopefully, he took some pics. For those who went, how was it? Thoughts on the new location, as compared to the trailer?

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Joel said...

Went to the new location for the first time today. Just as good if not better than the trailer. It's the same smokers so no real surprise. Really great place with an awesome vibe and you can tell Aaron is super stoked to be there. The true test will be once production is stepped up in a few months with the bigger smoker, but I doubt he'll let the quality slide.