Thursday, March 10, 2011

First visit to Pecan Lodge (Dallas Farmers Market)

On the icy morning of the Super Bowl Media Party, with my head wound less than an hour old, we made our first stop at Pecan Lodge, the BBQ stand inside Shed 2 of the Dallas Farmers Market. Hot, fresh meat & hearty sides were just what we needed, given the nasty conditions outside. Justin & Diane, who left their hectic, corporate jobs to pursue their passion of smoking and serving Texas BBQ, were wonderful hosts. They had a big catering order that day yet still took the time to show us the kitchen, tell us about their operations, and let us take lots of pics. The smoker was outside the building, with icicles hanging from it. No joke, ICE hanging from the smoker while it was smoking. Talk about trying to maintain heat for the meats! We feasted on brisket, pork ribs and sides that included green-chili-bacon macaroni and cheese. (Pecan Lodge is an affiliate of The Q Card, so I am unable to rate/review the food.) Here are the first few pics. Loads more on the way.

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You Stay Hoppy Austin said...

Wow, that brisket looks great. Moist and a great bark on it.