Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gettin' Sauced! People's Choice Top 10

Yesterday, I announced the Gettin' Sauced! contest results (meaning the results for the fresh & bottled sauces that were judged by our judges' panel). Today, the Top 10 in the People's Choice category, which were chosen by the festival attendees from among the 41 sauces served by the vendors at the event. In time, we will add all of the results to the Gettin' Sauced! website, but I wanted to get the results out in the meantime. Without further ado, the People's Choice Top 10:

1. Meat Mitch Whomp! (Prairie Village, KS)
2. Meat Mitch Naked! (Prairie Village, KS)
3. Shiner Restaurant & Bar Black (Shiner, TX)
4. Uncle Sunny's Haba-Honey Blend (Topeka, KS)
5. Texas Pride Hot & Spicy (Adkins, TX)
6. Black's Ghost Chili (Lockhart, TX)
7. Sugar Shack Gold Rush (Austin, TX)
8. Uncle Sunny's Spicy (Topeka, KS)
9. Two Bros. Spicy Tomato (San Antonio, TX)
10 (tie). The Pig Pit DanaJ's Sweet & Sassy (Reading, PA)
10 (tie). Black's Agave (Lockhart, TX)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gettin' Sauced! results

Gettin' Sauced! placings, by division & category:

Fresh Division

Tomato (mild)
1. Black's Smokey
2. Sugar Shack Backyard Red
2. Hyatt Lost Pines Smoked Tomato
3. Shiner R&B Black Sauce
3. Smokin Ronnie's Sweet & Spicy #4
3. Black's Original
4. Two Bros. House
5. Black's Sweet
6. Black's Agave
7. Texas Pride Regular
7. Black's Honey Barbecue
7. Smokin' Rose of Texas
8. Pizzitola's Serious Sauce
8. Black's Honey Mustard

Tomato (spicy)
1. Black's Habanero
2. Black's Original Spicy
2. Black's Chipotle Mustard
3. Two Bros. Spicy
4. Black's Ghost Chili
5. Texas Pride Hot
6. Pizzitola's Serious Sauce

1. Two Bros. Sweet
2. Smokin Ronnie's Pig Sitckin Mustard Sauce
3. Sugar Shack Gold Rush
4. Shiner R&B Hop Hog

1. Two Bros. Tamarind
2. Shiner R&B Heyyy!
3. Q on the Riverwalk Smoked Peach & Bourbon
4. Sugar Shack Strawbizzle
4. Hyatt Lost Pines Blackberry Sage

1. Shiner R&B The Great White Hope - Alabama White Sauce
2. Two Bros. Shiner Black Coffee & Molasses
3. Sugar Shack Holy Mole
4. Two Bros. Tangy
5. Hyatt Lost Pines Red Onion Mustard Seed Jam
6. Smokin Ronnie's Pig Stickin Dippin Sauce
7. Pizzitola's Serious Sauce
8. Sugar Shack Smokin White Swag
8. Pig Pit BBQ Inn Beef Brisket Sauce

1. Black's Habanero
2. Black's Smokey
3. Two Bros. Sweet
4. Two Bros. Tamarind
5. Shiner R&B The Great White Hope - Alabama White Sauce

Bottled Division

Tomato (mild)
1. Grumpy's Goodnight-Loving
2. Big Butz Mild
3. J&J BBQ Company K.C. Sweet
4. Grumpy's Not So Bold
5. Doomer's Original "Q" Sauce
5. Rufus Teague Honey Sweet
5. Uncle Sunny's Special Blend
6. Oregon Dan's Original
6. Kolander Grubb's Original
7. Earl's Gone Wild California
7. Meat Mitch Naked Whomp!
7. Pigchaser Original
7. Dimples BBQ Sauce
8. Kinderhook Brand Bold & Spicy
9. Russ & Frank's Mild
9. Russ & Frank's Sassy
9. DBQ Smokin' Sauce
9. Alisha's Kitchen Honey BBQ Sauce
9. DennyMike's Sweet 'n Spicy
9. Grill Side Barbeque Suburban Sweet
9. KC Masterpiece Smoky Bourbon
9. J&J BBQ Company Texas
10. Anthony Spices Phoenix Original
10. KC Masterpiece Original
10. Stubb's Smokey Mesquite
10. Hack's BBQ Sauce
10. Pig Pit Ray's Sweet
11. Doomer's Dark "Q" Sauce
11. Main Street BBQ Sweet 'n Sassy
11. POTM Cattle King
11. Texas Smokehouse Original
11. Pig Pit Dana J's
11. Uncle Bob's Sweet & Spicy
11. Draper's Smokin Sauce
11. Country Chef Hickory Smoked
12. Abrams BBQ Original
12. Brother Jimmy's Original
12. Stubb's Original
12. BBQ Barn Sauce
13. The Stirring Spoon Smokin' Agave Gourmet
14. Texas Pride Regular
14. Big Bear BBQ Sauce
15. The Stirring Spoon Balsamic Honey Gourmet
16. The Stirring Spoon Wild Bourbon Molasses Gourmet
17. Soul Mountain Doc's BBQ
17. Southern Soul Sweet Georgia Soul

Tomato (spicy)
1. Grumpy's Black Label
2. Two Fat Guys Mild
2. Soul Mountain Mountain Fire
3. Grill Side Barbeque Downtown Hot
3. Brother Jimmy's Chipotle
4. Russ & Frank's Fiery
4. Two Fat Guys Spicy
4. The Belgian's "Nasty"
5. Alisha's Kitchen Signature Sauce
5. Rufus Teague Blazin' Hot
5. Anthony Spices Phoenix Hot
5. Two Fat Guys Lava Hot
5. J&J BBQ Company Lava Hot
5. Picky Vicki Hot Stuff
6. Doomer's Hot & Spicy "Q" Sauce
6. Kolander Grubb's Habanero
6. James Gang Sweet Southern Heat Whiskey
6. J&J BBQ Company Texas Heat
6. Pig Pit Red Hot
7. Russ & Frank's X-Fiery
7. Rufus Teague Touch 'O Heat
7. Jimmy G's Gourmet Spicy Whiskey
7. Grill Side Barbeque Hometown Heat
7. Two Fat Guys Smoky
7. Fat Hen Grill Original
7. Grumpy's Bold XX
7. J&J BBQ Company K.C. Sweet Heat
7. Uncle Sunny's Spicy Blend
7. Southern Soul Hot Georgia Soul
7. Big Butz Spicy
8. Oregon Dan's Medium Spice
8. Oregon Dan's Apricot
8. Meat Mitch Whomp!
8. DennyMike's Hot 'n Tasty
8. Pepper Ranch Habanero Style
9. Oregon Dan's Habanero Hot
9. BBQPHX Hand-Crafted BBQ Sauce
9. Uncle Sunny's Haba-Honey
10. James Gang Honey Habanero
10. Country Chef Sweet and Spicy
11. Country Chef Chipotle

Vinegar (mild)
1. DennyMike's Carolina Style
2. KC Masterpiece Southern Style
2. SuckleBusters Original
2. SuckleBusters Honey
3. Burnin' Love 1919 Molasses
3. Pig of the Month Miss Scarlet's
4. Pig of the Month Love Me Tender
4. WoodenSpoon Hickory

Vinegar (spicy)
1. Desert Smoke Sweet & Spicy
2. SuckleBusters Chipotle
2. Big Un's BBQ Sauce
3. Desert Smoke Raspberry Chipotle
4. Uncle Bob's Georgia Juice
5. Burnin' Love Sassy Mo'Lassy
5. WoodenSpoon Spicy
6. WoodenSpoon Mesquite
7. Granddaddy's Sweet Southern Heat

1. Old Timer Gourmet
2. Brother Jimmy's Mustard
2. Fat Hen Grill Mustard Q
3. Sam Dog BBQ Yellow Dog Sauce
4. Texas Tasty BBQ Dippin' & Grillin' Sauce
5. Pig of the Month Colonel Mustard's
5. Country Chef Mustard
6. Southern Soul Low Country Soul Tangy

1.Tribal Moose Original Cranberry
2. Busters Blueberry Chipotle
3. Jerry's Slice off the Grill Old Homestead BBQ Sauce
4. Texas Smokehouse Apple
5. Desert Smoke Pineapple Habanero
6. Pig of the Month Key West in a Bottle
7. Iguana Isle Marigot Bay Mango
8. Busters Blueberry Original
8. Busters Blueberry Habanero
9. Tribal Moose Spicy Cranberry
10. SuckleBusters Spicy Peach
11. Kolander Grubb's Sweet Orange Mango

1. 816 Original
2. Picky Vicki Brazenly Bold
2. Pig Pit Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce
3. Pigchaser Garlic
3. Bodean's Hickory
3. Bodean's Hot Chipotle
4. Rufus Teague Meat Sauce
4. DennyMike's Mesquit-O-Madness
5. Pig of the Month Get Lei'd
6. Rufus Teague Spicy Meat Sauce
7. Burnin' Love Torch-ered
8. Burnin' Love Heartbreak

1. Old Timer Gourmet
2. DennyMike's Carolina Style
3. Desert Smoke Sweet & Spicy
4. Grumpy's Black Label
5. Grumpy's Goodnight-Loving
6. 816 Original
7. Tribal Moose Original Cranberry

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chopped-beef pizza

Made a pizza last night. Since we've got some Franklin Barbecue chopped-beef, decided to throw some on the pizza. Turned out well.

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Bo, our new South Texas correspondent, reviews 2 Corpus Christi BBQ joints

Pics from latest trip to City Market (Luling)

Pics from latest trip to Smitty's (Lockhart)

Pics from latest trip to Kreuz (Lockhart)

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Pictures from Saturday's 2nd Annual Gettin' Sauced!

Gettin' Sauced! contest results

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time to get (BBQ) sauced!!

What: 2nd Annual Gettin' Sauced! BBQ sauce contest & festival
When: TODAY, 3-6 PM
Where: Independence Brewing Co. (3913 Todd Lane, Austin, TX)
Deets: 185 BBQ sauces from 26 states, Canada, & England, to be judged by a private judges' panel. 44 sauces (the People's Choice Award contenders) & BBQ available for tasting to holders of a BBQ-sampling wristband. Wristbands are $10 at gate but just $8 online. Admission to the event is FREE and covers everything the festival offers other than the BBQ wristbands: live music from two Austin bands, drinks from Independence Brewing Co., Big Red, & Honest Tea. Washers, photo booth, massages. Loads of door prizes up for grabs. Official Gettin' Sauced merchandise for sale (shirts, koozies, & posters).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Phil's Texas BBQ (Houston, TX) has closed.

Phil's Texas BBQ in Houston closed its doors April 26. Very best wishes to all of the Phil's family.

Luling & Lockhart videos

Here are 3 of the 8 short videos I made when I got to tag along to Luling and Lockhart with some BBQ heavyweights. In order from top to bottom: the holding pits at Kreuz Market (Lockhart), the ordering area at Smitty's Market (Lockhart), & sitting down at City Market (Luling). See all videos on Man Up Texas BBQ's YouTube channel. Loads of pictures to come.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bar D BBQ (Boerne, TX) has closed.

Don't know when it happened, but Bar D BBQ in Boerne has shut down. Very best wishes to Perry and all of the Bar D family.

Inside Franklin Barbecue (Austin, TX)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Swimmin' in sauce

More than 170 BBQ sauces from 26 states, England, & Canada are entered in Saturday's Gettin' Sauced! contest. Here are a majority of them:

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We throw our 2nd annual Gettin' Sauced! BBQ contest & festival THIS SATURDAY (3-6 PM) at Independence Brewing Co. in Austin

Pics from my first lunch at Bowie BBQ (Whole Foods, Austin)

Another Q&A

Another round of Build Your Own Texas BBQ Joint

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Pics of the new Franklin Barbecue (Austin)

Pics & videos from trip to City Market (Luling), Smitty's (Lockhart), & Kreuz (Lockhart) with Aaron Franklin, Wyatt McSpadden, John Morthland, Jeff Stockton, & Jim Shahin

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finalists' dishes at the Fire Fighter Q Off (San Antonio, TX)

Pulled Pork Poblanos


Grilled Fish Tacos & Shrimp Quesadillas