Friday, March 18, 2011

Last night's dinner at Green Top Bar-B-Que (Dora, AL)

My dad and brother and I made the 20-minute drive last night to Green Top Bar-B-Que (an appropriate choice on St. Patrick's Day, no doubt) in Dora, AL. I grew up on Green Top, and it's, by far, the place from which I've eaten the most BBQ. I always try to pay a visit when I'm home. It's a small joint that doesn't change. It's smokey from the pit and from all the cigarettes being smoked inside. Sports on the 2 TVs behind the bar. Drinks served in styrofoam cups. Bottled beer with, if you want one, a tiny glass. Crackers to hold you over 'til the food arrives.

My order has changed throughout the years. Their chopped (pork, of course) sandwich is what I've had most. Sometimes, with a cheeseburger (my favorite in Alabama, actually). I went through a BBQ salad phase - half white sauce, half red. A few BBQ baked potatoes - again, half and half. But, these days, I'm firmly in the camp of the outside-sliced, pork-shoulder sandwich. Dad got the same. Brother got a chopped plate. Have a look.

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Anonymous said...

As long as you all didn't venture across the street...if you know what I mean!

Drew Thornley said...

Dad wanted to, but I told him Mom might not like it.