Friday, August 29, 2008

Man Up.

One of the things I looked forward to, as I prepared to move to Texas, was the chance to try out the Lone Star State's array of barbecue. Being from the Deep South, I was no stranger to great barbecue and was intrigued by what made Texas barbecue so special. Was it truly the real deal, or was it Texans' overinflated sense of state pride? Once I arrived, it was time to see if they have good reason to put their barbecue in a league of its own. Thus began my journey.

I've been here a year now, but this blog starts with my recent barbecue travels with some great friends. As our fearless leader Russell informed us before our first outing, this was no journey for light eaters: It was time to man up. No whining, forget about calories, high cholesterol be damned.

We'll post as hit up each place, and we look forward to your comments, particularly ones about your experiences at the places we highlight.

Warning: Don't read on an empty stomach.


RP said...

Drew may be from the Deep South, but this Alabama man knows good BBQ. He also loves and understands Texas...and knows how to man-up on some meat and on a blog.

We welcome you to join in as we chronical our adventures in Texas BBQ.

God bless you and God bless Texas.

Russell Parish

Anonymous said...

I never knew what brisket was till I came to Texas!

Anonymous said...

Have you boys ever tried "The Locker" in Earth, TX? It's a personal favorite of mine! I can't wait to hear the final judgement of "best BBQ in TX" when y'all are done.

Megan Moore

Anonymous said...

You fellas are my kind of fellas, and you have here a mighty fine undertaking with this bbq blog.

I would agree with Megan Moore that the Earth Locker is outstanding, and in particular, I would give it a rating of 9.997 for jerky: they have two varieties, one a little more spicy than the other; a rating of 9.977 for ribs; an even 10 for brisket; and a perfect 10 for bbq sauce: it's not spicy, yet also not sweet--it seems to be a combination of elements that really is unique. Perhaps y'all will get a chance to formally review the Locker as well, and see if you rate as highly as I did.

Drew Thornley said...

I am liking me some Megan Moore and Joel Moore. Related, I presume? I think you both deserve honorary Man-Up memberships. Thanks for viewing and commenting. Keep it up!

R.S. said...

drew, I didn't see your warning until too late. I read this on an empty stomach around 7:30am. big i want texas bbq and there is none to be had in kentucky! This all sounds about like russell; i've been dragged into his "man up and eat your fill" adventures before. best of luck finding the good stuff!

Ryan Strebeck

Drew Thornley said...

I tried to warn you, Ryan! Thanks for reading. Hope you'll keep commenting.