Friday, January 9, 2009

Same ol' (great) story at Rudy's

Leaving Austin at 10:30 am yesterday for an 80-mile drive down I-35 to San Antonio for a 1:00 pm meeting lent itself well for a lunch stop at Rudy’s on Loop 337 in New Braunfels. This was the third Rudy’s location I’ve visited but first visit to this one. When I left, I knew when I left that I would be back (just didn’t know that I would return later that day).

Same ol’ story at this Rudy’s (great food, great service, great atmosphere), but a few things stood out about this location. First, some different items on the menu (at least different than the menu at my regular local Rudy’s on Highway 360 in Austin): pulled pork (apparently not a permanent menu item), green chile stew (also temporary), corn on the cob, and baked potatoes.

The lady taking my order was great. So friendly. I ordered a half chicken but also wanted a slice of lean brisket and a slice of pork loin. Instead of charging me for the two slices, she gave me half a slice of each for free and also gave me a sample of the stew free of charge. Speaking of saving money, two more items of note: (1) the half chicken at this location is $4.69, while it’s $5.44 at the 360 location in Austin; & (2) a large drink is $1.89, but, as I found out from the lady taking my order, if you bring your large (plastic) cup back to any Rudy’s, you can get a large drink for a refill price of 75 cents (at least this Rudy's). For those who know me, you know that this revolutionized my world (and, thus, led to my return later in the day for a $0.75 refill).

Didn’t have my camera, so picture quality isn’t great. In case you’re wondering, my food was very good. The pork loin was outstanding.

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JPa said...

never even occurred to me about a refill price...
hmm i'm going to leave my rudy's cups in my car now!