Tuesday, August 28, 2012

October 5 BBQ Bus: LOCKHART!!!

Fresh on the heels of this past Saturday's BBQ bus, time to announce our next one! For this one, our 4th pre-set trip, we're keeping it simple and making it ALL ABOUT THE MEAT. 5 hours. 3 BBQ joints. 1 town. On Friday, October 5, we're leaving Austin at 10AM and heading to Lockhart, famously known as "The Barbecue Capital of Texas." We'll be hitting up Kreuz Market, Black's Barbecue, & Smitty's Market. Family-style spreads at each! Back in Austin at 3PM.

Thus far, all of our bus trips have taken place on a Saturday. But, in addition to avoiding a conflict with college football, we want to test the demand for a weekday trip. So, we will begin selling tickets but won't run the trip unless 15 people purchase. If we don't reach 15, we will refund all purchases.

Verdict: Scrapping this trip. Looks like we'll keep the pre-set trips on Saturdays!


bourgon said...

Dangit! Was totally sold - then saw it left from Austin. When's the next DFW -> Lockhart/Austin trip?

Drew Thornley said...

If there's enough demand for a trip that leaves from Dallas, I'll make it happen!