Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Smokey Denmark's Texas BBQ Giveaway

Sunday's matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots gives me a reason to team up with a Texas BBQ joint and hold one last Texas BBQ Giveaway of the football season. So, that's exactly what I've done. It gives me great pleasure to team up with Austin's very own Smokey Denmark's BBQ to give you a fantastic Texas BBQ Giveaway. Huge thanks to Smokey Denmark's, for making this happen. If you're into a private Texas BBQ feast for two with a pit tour & a personal Texas BBQ "how to" class, this giveaway has your name all over it!

PRIZE (copied & pasted from Smokey Denmark's)

Dinner for two (their choice of date--within 30 days of winning). They will receive personal attention from us (I would like to do this after our "normal" business hours of Tues-Fri., perhaps around 5 or 6pm?).

Menu: (Holy Trinity) Beef Short ribs, brisket, sausage, and two sides and drinks--we are two doors down from Live Oak Brewery, so we will pair up a good beer too.

Tour of our pit(s).

A "BBQ" one on one tutorial class, where they can learn all about how to smoke a brisket--includes how to purchase a good one, trimming, seasoning, selection of wood, how to run the pit from start to finish, etc.


To enter, I must have each of the following predictions for Sunday's game:

(1) Winner
(2) Final score
(3) Combined total yards in the game (i.e. Seahawks' total yards + Patriots' total yards) - NOTE: Combined total yards will serve as a tiebreaker, in the event one is needed. In the unlikely event we have a tie after this tiebreaker, I will come up with an additional tiebreaker unrelated to Sunday's game, for there will be just 1 winner.

You may submit your prediction via email, via Facebook, via Twitter, or as a comment at the bottom of this blog post. (If you submit via blog comment, make sure to include contact information.) You may enter just 1 way. If you submit multiple (different) entries, none of your entries will be counted. Any entry submitted after kickoff Sunday will not be counted. Good luck!


The Smoking Ho said...

Patriots 27-21 767

Joe Wagner said...

Patriots 20 - Seahawks 7. 470 yards offense, no deflated balls.

Unknown said...

27-23 Seahawks 689

Unknown said...

Seattle 24 New England 20. 657

Kent Lawrence said...

28-24 Seahawks over Pats
678 yards

Capt. Bryan said...

Seahawks 26, Pats 24
632 yards.

Unknown said...

Seahawks 38 Patriots 21 total yards 777

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Seattle 27 - Patriots 20, 600 total yards

Chris Childs said...

Patriots 31-17 552 yards

Unknown said...

Seattle 27-20, 670 yards

Clint said...

Seattle 34 New England 28

Total yards - 715

Tony Reyna said...

NE 30
SEA 28

750 yards

Unknown said...


Total yard - 610

Robbie C said...

Patriots win 31 - 24.
Total Yards: 686

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure I already emtered

Sea 23
Ne 20
610 yds