Wednesday, April 15, 2015

$1.97/lb beef ribs at HEB?!

Apparently, HEB is selling beef chuck ribs on the cheap. An message last night from my friend and coworker John Lakavage, who makes a mean burnt-ends cheesecake:

"As of this evening, Austin HEBs (multiple locations) still have plenty of the value packs of the chuck ribs for 1.97/lb. Some 2-rack packs, but mostly 4-rack packs. If there's none in the cooler ask the butcher. They claim to have a ton at each store."

Anyone else picked up any? Got pics? (UPDATE: I found some pics on ShaggyBevo.) And wouldn't it be great if the brisket were so affordable (more than $6/lb, last I heard.)? 

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