Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Austin American-Statesman: "Woman threatened to stab brother because he ate her BBQ ribs"

Austin American-Statesman reports,
Austin police charged 61-year-old Ethel Jean Banks with felony assault Tuesday after they say she threatened to stab her brother because he ate some barbecue ribs that belonged to her.
When police arrived her brother Melvin Magee told police Banks became angry with him after he ate her ribs. Magee claimed he did not know the ribs belonged to Banks, and she became very upset, arguing with him and pushing him, an arrest affidavit said.
Magee pushed Banks back, causing her to fall over. It was then that she grabbed a 10-inch butcher knife from the kitchen, held it over her head aggressively and told Magee, “I’m going to kill you,” the affidavit said.
She charged at him with the knife and Magee ran out the front door of the house, closing the door behind him and holding it closed. After she attempted to open the door a few times, Banks told Magee she would not let him back into the house. Magee then went to a neighbor’s home and called 911, the affidavit said.

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Joe Wagner said...

Don't mess with Texas women. Especially with her BBQ. Lesson learned.