Friday, July 29, 2016

Todd in Tyler: A visit to Stanley's

From our man Todd Plunk:

A few thoughts from my first visit to Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ in Tyler, TX. 

On a recent trip to East Texas, I stopped in for lunch at Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ in Tyler, TX. Stanley's is no secret to Texas BBQ fans, as evident by the many "Best of" lists, so I was excited to experience it first-hand. 

I ordered sliced brisket (fatty with bark), chicken, baked potato and of course their baby back ribs! Brisket tends to be my meat of choice when measuring up a joint, and Stanley's did not disappoint. The bark, the smoke ring, the flavor all added up to a great piece of meat.

The ribs were equally as good...a great flavor without overpowering the meat. They were moist and easily fell of the bone for easy eating. It's no surprise their ribs have won more awards than a boy scout.

I capped the trip off with a visit with the Pitmaster himself. Shaw (@PitmasterShaw) came out to introduce himself and give a tour of the pits. Cooking an average of 50 briskets and racks of ribs a day is no easy task, but Shaw gave mad credit to his great kitchen crew, a true team player and leader.  Thanks for the pit tour, your time and of course a great lunch Shaw!

It's good to know East Texans have a great BBQ place to call their own, and I look forward to making another trip.


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Joe Wagner said...

thank you Todd for the great review. I hope to make it out to Tyler just for that awesome brisket!