Thursday, September 3, 2009

BBQ in Lubbock and Lipan

Recent email from Russell:

As for J & M Bar-B-Q, here is my review: Lubbock, TX, aka the Hub City, aka home of the mighty Texas Tech Red Raiders and the eccentric pirate himself Head Football Coach Mike Leach, aka the place where I spent a good portion of my early life, mainly my collegiate years (5+ years for those counting, as I’m a bit of a slow learner). When I lived in Lubbock, I used to thrive on a place called Whistling Dixie that had superb pulled pork and A LOT of it (i.e. all you could eat on Wed nights). But much to the disappointment of myself and my cousin Ryan Strebeck (my primary all-you-could-eat, pulled pork gobbling partner)…Dixie closed down a few years back… I have hope that the South is gonna rise again…but…

Now, when visiting Lubbock, my favorite BBQ is J&M, in part because it is convenient and quick, and I always seem to have so much to do and see when out Lubbock way.

I usually get the J&M BBQ from their express location on Slide because that’s just a few short blocks from where the grandparents Parish live. J&M is likely not great BBQ by Central TX or even Abilene TX standards; however, it holds a special place in my heart as one of the best places to get BBQ in or near Lubbock. I don’t believe they do any cooking at the express location, so the meat tends to be drier and less consistent. I really like their sauce (kind of sweet and tangy), but without the sauce, the meat is often not very edible, as it tends to just be too dry. Their cole slaw and peach cobbler are really awesome though.

Smoked Brisket – 5.95, a bit too dry on this day, very lean and almost no marbling (as is getting to be the case with J&M too frequently)

Pulled Pork – 8.33, much more flavorful and moist than the brisket, but still a bit on dry side (J&M needs to work on this)

Slaw – 9.92, I love their slaw, it is sweet and creamy

Peach Cobbler – 9.96, sweet, lots of fruit, great crust, and piping hot…just the way I like it. This is my recommended item here.

Hospitality – 9.95, as with most places in the Hub City, the people are very nice, friendly country type folks

Overall – 8

And, from Russell's brother-in-law Joel, who has manned up with us a couple of times and who knows his BBQ:

I would refer to my experience at J&M in Lubbock as consistently satisfying BBQ. The non-express location is an overall superior experience, but as Russell said the express location is more convenient for us. The place Russell referred to is called Natty Flat Smokehouse--and it's right next to that Hill Country furniture store with the giant rocking chair out front. If you're ever off I-20 between Fort Worth and Abilene, I'd recommend a man up trip. The peach cobbler is some of the best I've ever had, they have 3 types of sausage to my recollection, two of which I tried and then settled on the excellent jalapeno sausage. The sauce is excellent, and among Megan's favorite sauces, and probably mine. The brisket is top notch as well, and the atmosphere is rustic and country and pleasant--overall a fine establishment if you're in the area!

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