Thursday, October 7, 2010

Triple-lunch Wednesday

I had no clue when I woke up yesterday that I would hit up 3 BBQ joints for lunch, but that's how it went. My first two stops were in San Marcos (Woody's and Hatfield's) - both were first visits; my third stop was in Kyle (Milt's).

Woody's Bar-B-Que was a pleasant surprise. I only recently found out about them and haven't heard from anyone who's been there. I had a half chicken, crackers, and iced tea. Nice and easy way to start the lunches. It was the first time I've been to a place that halves a whole chicken on the spot - they're usually already in halves. The half chicken was quite big, good moisture (breast less moist than the rest, as is usually the case), and the skin was covered in cracked pepper. The place was clean, and the service was excellent. Michael, the owners' son, took the time to show me the pit. Two smokers (in a shape I haven't seen) that smoke with oak and mesquite. They had a good lunch crowd. I can only speak for the chicken, atmosphere, & service, but they were good enough to get me back. (UPDATE: Since posting this, I have found out that my BBQ blogging buddy Don O. went to Woody's back in Sept. 2007. Here's his review.)

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My next stop was Hatfield's Drive-In, a drive-thru place (with picnic tables) on the I-35 frontage road. Appropriately named, it's located next to the headquarters of McCoy's. I asked Bubba, the owner, what was popular, and he said the brisket taco, so brisket taco I ordered. I'm not a breakfast taco eater, and they sell the brisket tacos from morning on, but I enjoyed it. It was simple: flour tortilla and chopped brisket. It comes with some salsa (which I dipped into a couple of times), and I added pickles. The tortilla was hot and fresh, and there was more brisket in the taco than I expected. The brisket wasn't fatty at all, so the taco itself is dry, but you have the option of salsa and/or sauce.

Finally, I stopped into Milt's Pit BBQ (Exit 213 in Kyle, on the West frontage road of I-35) and had 3 pieces of moist brisket. After that, I was useless the rest of the day. The folks at Milt's were as friendly as they were during our first visit, and they appear to be doing really well. Catering is hopping, they now have a website, and are getting ready for a party to celebrate taking 4th place in KVET's Central Texas BBQ contest.

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Pics from yesterday coming up.

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Don O. said...

I don't know if this is the same spot or not, but Scott and I stopped by this place back in 2007.