Friday, January 20, 2012

Jacob hits up Stiles Switch BBQ (Austin, TX)

As he usually is the day a BBQ joint opens in the Austin area, our man Jacob hit up Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew on its opening day. His thoughts & his pictures: 

"All the photos are from my trip to Stiles Switch on the opening day. I waited too long to write a proper review, and now I can't remember correctly to do it now. What I do remember is that the beef rib was amazing, the brisket and sausages were very good, and the pork rib was awful (though to be fair the pit master knew it was bad, and kept trying to bring me out more to taste, although they all where horrible cuts of meat to begin with, and overcooked and unevenly seasoned.) They need to work on the pork rib and most likely even work on a new source of ribs because they were puney and poor to begin with. Still they were very friendly and great people. This place shows amazing promise and I would say it has all the potential it needs to be top 3 in Austin."

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Eric said...

We were really impressed by Stiles Switch on Saturday. The brisket was appropriately moist with good smoke, and the beef ribs were excellent. All 3 varieties of sausage were good, too. Even though it was our 5th stop, everyone still found room for a bite of their combo chocolate/banana pudding. The only complaint was the pork ribs were a little chewy/undercooked. Still, they're doing things right, and it would be top 5 in Houston already.