Friday, June 22, 2012

Chopped-brisket sandwich at Russell's Smokehouse (Denver, CO)

In Denver a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in for lunch at Russell's Smokehouse, a down-the-stairs, feels-like-a-speakeasy spot on Larimer Street in LoDo. Had the chopped-brisket sandwich, served on a potato bun. They definitely don't skimp on the serving size. A big plate for $8 (lunch menu). Lots of meat. Not the most flavorful (not surprising it didn't deliver on smoke, considering they cook indoors with electric; "Smokehouse" might not be the most accurate name), but the vinegar-based sauce helped out. Good pickles. Had the field greens (with smoked-tomato vinaigrette) as my side. Enjoyed it. Good service.

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