Monday, February 3, 2014

Texas BBQ Giveaway: Whole brisket from Hwy 29 BBQ (Bertram, TX)!

Last week, we gave away a rack of pork ribs from Kerlin BBQ. The lucky winner has been contacted. I wonder if he'll invite me over for ribs...Anyway, this week, we're giving away a whole brisket from Hwy 29 BBQ (Bertram, TX)! Wanna guess where they are located??? On Highway 29!!! Check out their website, for menu, photos, catering information, & more. Our thanks to Cory Thibodeaux & all of the folks at Hwy 29, for making this giveaway possible. 

Here are the 4 ways to enter:

Email us
Tweet us
Leave a Facebook comment
Leave a comment (with email address or Twitter handle) to this blog post

You are allowed to enter more than 1 way, so if you enter, say, all 4 ways, you get your name in the hat four times! All entries due by Friday. In the meantime, connect with Hwy 29 BBQ via Facebook & Twitter!


Schnerk said...

Never been here, but I'm game! :)

TexSquid said...
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TexSquid said...

count me in!!

Joe Wagner said...

Drew, each week gets better and better! Please sign me up. :)

Deanna said...

I'm in.


Anonymous said...

Count me in,

Unknown said...

Please, I'm in a brisket drought and this would be the perfect solution!