Saturday, February 1, 2014

Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q opens tomorrow in San Antonio

Back in September, I posted that Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q was in the works for San Antonio. Today, letting you know that tomorrow is opening day. They'll be open 7 days a week, with family-pack options and a large beer selection. Located at 21510 Blanco Road. Go north on Blanco Road from Loop 1604, and it's 2.6 miles up, on your right. More info via Facebook.


Discerning tastes 2014 said...

My husband and I have been excited about a good BBQ place coming into the neighborhood since we saw the signs posted. Unfortunately this is NOT the case here!! I'm not one who is quick to pass judgement , so I decided to give this place the 3 strike rule. The first time that we went it was very busy and the line was long. While I have ZERO problem with waiting patiently in line, I DO have a problem with poor customer service after the fact. As we got up to order the girl took my husbands order and then blatantly ignoring me to serve the man behind me. Luckily that time the food was good when we finally sat down so I decided that it might've been a miss and would still give it a chance. The next time we ordered drive thru and the food was cold, fatty and super tiny portions in comparison to dining in. Not happy but was still willing to dine in once more. This experience however drove the final nail in for us!!! As we walked in a fairly empty lunch crowd (maybe 15 people) we were ignored by 3 standing young employees and told rudely by the older man (that barely glanced at us while standing right where the food is) that they'd ring us up at the register. Lo and behold the girl that was standing there DISAPPEARED! Needless to say we walked promptly out and will NEVER return. I'm sure that if their customer service issues aren't resolved soon I foresee them closing within the year as many other businesses in the immediate area have. DISAPPOINTED!!!

Jewelry by CnC said...

Tried the new Choke Canyon BBQ on Blanco Rd finally today. Has been so busy previously since opening Super Bowl day as was no place close bye to park. Finally today ! Guy at counter directed me to where should place order and handed me a menu to look at while waiting my turn. Friendly staff an asked if wanted different kinds of meat when gave him order for 3 to Take Out. Loaded me up with bread and extra BBQ sauce. Full lb or more and one big rack of ribs. Asked for dry and that was what got although he tried to get me to get the sauce on them rather than putting on myself later. Several meals out of an order of marbled brisket, chopped brisket and full rack of baby backs. Nice and close and first try great service and taste. Sure beats the Mexican Cafe that use to be at same location,

horrible place said...

horrible, horrible service. the employees pretty much stand around avoiding you, it's only when you ask them for help they want to service. not sure if he was the manager or not, but this short guy acted if he was the owner. again horrible service and fatty meat with little portions. this took place in march, I just found this forum to write about it today.