Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blanco Road beefing up its BBQ options

A couple of months ago, I announced the opening of Blanco BBQ, on Blanco Road in North San Antonio. Now, I announce the soon-to-be-opened Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q, just a few miles north of Blanco BBQ on Blanco Road. From what I can tell (Please correct me if I'm wrong.), this is the 2nd location of Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q. The first location is in Whitsett, TX. If anyone has (1) been to Blanco BBQ and/or (2) has any additional information on Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q, send it our way!


Bill said...

There are three:

Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q
868 Fm 99, Campbellton, TX 78008
(830)579 4402

Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q
868 Farm To Market Rd 99, Three Rivers, TX, 78071
(830) 579-4402

Choke Canyon Bar-B-Q
37 S. Exit 83, Whitsett, TX 78075

Drew Thornley said...

Thanks, Bill!