Thursday, September 26, 2013

All-Star Sauces discount at Gettin' Sauced!

All-Star Sauces is a membership program for award-/contest-winning BBQ sauces. Six shipments per year. Two bottles of sauce per shipment. Three membership plans available (1 shipment, 3 shipments, 6 shipments). All-Star Sauces is also one of the sponsors of our Gettin' Sauced! festival, which is THIS SATURDAY from 3-6 at Hops & Grain Brewing in Austin. Another cool thing to note is that the Gettin' Sauced! contest winners (Bottled & People's choice) will be eligible for All-Star Sauces! We can't wait to see which sauces might end up in the All-Star Sauces lineup!

Anyway, we would love for you to get an All-Star Sauces membership, & we want to make it easier for you to do so. So, on Saturday, you can stop by the All-Star Sauces booth & get 10% OFF any membership. Whether you want the single shipment (1 shipment), the half year (3 shipments), or the full year (6 shipments), we'll knock of 10% off whatever you purchase!

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