Friday, September 13, 2013

la Barbecue Gameday Giveaway: Week 3

Week 3 of our Gameday Giveaway from Austin's la Barbecue! This week's game is Ole Miss at Texas (Saturday, 7PM Central).  To be eligible to win, I need the following predictions: (1) winner, (2) final score, & (2) total combined yards [in case we need a tiebreaker]. You can submit your prediction as a comment below this post, as a Facebook comment, via Twitter, or via email. All predictions must be received by kickoff. Good luck!


Jacob said...

Ole Miss wins 35 to 17. Total of 780 yards of O

rachaelsperling said...

Ole Miss 28-13

910 yards

(sorry Longhorns)

Capt. Bryan said...

Texas wins 27 to 24
750 yards

aint gonna happen but I'll throw it out there.

WonderousATX said...

Ole Miss beats Texas, 34-23, 690 total yards of Offense.

Drew Thornley said...

WonderousATX: Out of all the entries (blog comments, Facebook, Twitter, & email), you're our winner! Please email me.