Friday, June 27, 2014

Reader Review: Smokey Denmark's (Austin, TX)

My buddy Joe Wagner sent me a Reader Review (with pictures) of his first visit to Smokey Denmark's BBQ truck (Twitter):


I was coming back from the airport yesterday to check out Micklethwait’s and John Mueller’s BBQ and went down 5th street and found a great BBQ place that y’all don’t have on your Blog.  I think it’s really worth a visit. 

It’s called Smokey Denmark’s.  They have a wild game processing facility (see building photo) and they have a BBQ truck.  They smoke with Post Oak (my favorite) and they have an excellent product and very friendly folks there. 

Their brisket was pretty darn good and unfortunately do not have a picture of it as I had to battle the flies outside to eat it. J Joe 1 Flies 0.  J 

You ought to try it.  They are at 3505 E. 5th Street, A-Town.  512-385-0718. 

I was so taken back by why I hadn’t heard of this place before.  Man, it was good, I hope you think so too!


Joe Wagner said...

It was really good folks. They are battling to make the Austin BBQ scene and are the real deal.

I hope you think so too!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by! I take a lot of pride with each brisket I make..they are my babies! Come back to Smokey Denmark's Smoked Meats BBQ Truck soon and we will treat you right!

Ashton1961 said...

Good eating here!! you really should check it wait its horrible don't bother!! ::walks away mumbling I almost shot myself in the foot there:: Sorry Bill don't want you getting too popular, I hate crowds!!
Hee hee