Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"The Austin BBQ Top 10" (via Fed Man Walking)

Mike Sutter, who writes at Fed Man Walking, has released his Top 10 BBQ list for Austin. Each of the 10 has a short writeup and a great view-from-above picturs of a tray of meats and sides. What do you think of his list?


Jacob said...

If Browns BBQ starts getting a line and I have to find another place for a quick BBQ lunch, I'm going to be so mad. Agree with #1 easily. Think the next 9 all deserve to be there, but my personal taste would have them in a bit different order. Glad to see Blue Ox got some love, must amazing unknown BBQ in Austin

herebedragons said...

I'm thinking "oh no, not more wonderful looking places to eat". I'm flying over from England in a month, and I'd planned to eat in both Taylor and Lockhart when I stayed in Austin. Now there's more local temptation too! This is such a great blog, you've inspired me! Read more of my dilemas here!

Joe Wagner said...

So much good BBQ,so little time. :)

I've been on the road away from A-Town for so long, I'm gonna have to do a little local road trip!