Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Texas BBQ Gameday Giveaway: Michigan State-Alabama

The second of tomorrow's college football playoff semifinal games is Michigan State-Alabama (7 PM Central), and we're having a Texas BBQ Gameday Giveaway! The closest prediction (winner, final score, & total yards - total yards is in case of a tie) wins a Pitmaster Combo (4 bottles of sauce & 1 bottle of rub) from Black's Barbecue (Lockhart, TX)! To enter your prediction, submit it by kickoff. Any prediction submitted after kickoff will not be accepted. You can enter your prediction via comment below this post, via email, via Twitter, or via Facebook


Jimmy Ho said...

Sorry Drew. Spartans 27-21. 750 yards.

Joe Wagner said...

Alabama 34 MSU 24 850 yards.

Kent Lawrence said...

Madison Lawrence - Alabama 50 v. Mich St 19, 957 yards

Preston Lawrence - Alabama 34 v. Mich St 28, 803 yards

Kent Lawrence - Mich St 31 v. Alabama 24, 798 yards