Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Texas BBQ Gameday Giveaways: Oklahoma-Clemson

Tomorrow is the day of the college football playoff's semifinals, and I'm holding a Texas BBQ Gameday Giveaway for each game! The first game is Oklahoma-Clemson (3PM Central)To be counted, your prediction must include the winner, final score, & total yards (total yards is in case of a tie) and must be submitted by kickoff. The closest prediction wins a Pitmaster Plate from Boatman's BBQ (Tolar, TX)! What's on a Pitmaster Plate? Brisket, ribs, sausage, pulled pork, & 2 sides! But, wait. There's more! In addition to the Pitmaster Plate, the winner snags a banana pudding! You can enter your prediction via comment below this post, via email, or via Twitter or Facebook.


Joe Wagner said...

OU 27 - Clemson 24 650 yards

Kent Lawrence said...

Preston Lawrence - Clemson 35 v. Oklahoma 31 - 800 yards

Madison Lawrence - Oklahoma 35 v. Clemson 28 - 859 yards

Kent Lawrence - Oklahoma 37 v. Clemson 31 - 783 yards

Drew Thornley said...

Preston, you won!!!