Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jason follows suit

After reading about Todd's visit to Schoepf's, Jason stopped in. His email:

So I’m driving up to Dallas what a perfect opportunity to check out Schoepf’s, I mean I just read Todd’s review, I’ll check it out for myself! The drive is not too bad from Austin and very easy to find. I parked my car and walked out smelling BBQ goodness! I had my suit on and was a little upset I was going to smell like BBQ, but that’s ok! Hahaa…Anyway, I digress; I asked the person behind me if she had been here before and what she recommended; she recommended I get the brisket and pork ribs. That’s already a must in my book! I also ordered a cut of the sirloin, as the kids cutting the meat said it was good! Granted, I had to take this on the road with me; the lady who packaged my meal made it very eat-in-the-car friendly! I do thank her for that!! Super nice service! She cut my meat nicely. It was great! Brisket was good; not the best; lean brisket, good flavor. 8.5. Pork rib – very good pork rib! I was impressed with its tenderness; by far the most tender pork rib I’ve had. It’s almost like it was stewed! Flavor was good as well. 8.9. Sirloin – GREAT flavor; I’m glad I asked those kids what was good, 'cause this was the best tasting stuff I had. Basically a steak. BBQ’ed good smokiness; a little tough, but the flavor of the beef was fantastic! 9.3. Service 9.7. Overall 8.9. I would definitely go back to this place when heading up to Dallas or coming back down!

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Anonymous said...

so when are you going to come to memphis to taste real BBQ?
you need to become a BBQ judge like my friend's parents and travel everywhere. Then you can come to Memphis in May for the world championships and actually taste it all!