Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jacob visits Micklethwait Craft Meats (Austin, TX)

On Sunday, our man Jacob visited Austin's newest BBQ trailer, Micklethwait Craft Meats:

Made it over to Micklethwait today for lunch. Found out two important things. One, they only serve brisket and pulled pork from Thursday to Saturday after 4:00 PM, no lunch. They serve pork, chicken, and sausage during lunch and they said they hope to try various other meats on random days for lunch. So I didn't get to try brisket, and they didn't make spare ribs today either. Two, they plan on doing a different custom sausage everyday. He handmakes and stuffs it daily on site. Today was a lamb mix, and it was fantastic. Seems like a great idea. The food I had was great, but lacking smoke. I feel I need to try the brisket and ribs to give it a fair review, but what I had (chicken, pork, lamb sausage) were all cooked perfect and tasted great.


bubba said...

Just my opinion, but I'm willing to bet that he serves his Brisket so late because his competition, which is just down the street, is Franklin. So I imagine he waits to serve it till Franklin closes, then the people who absolutely need a brisket fix come down to his place. I think this is a neat little set up, and I cannot wait to get there and taste some sausage.

Jen Q. said...

I think he waits to serve the brisket 'til dinner because he's taking the time to cook the brisket right!