Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Burger Mary categorizes Austin BBQ

One of the best things about years of BBQ blogging is that it has introduced me to so many great people. Among them is my friend Jess Pryles. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, but spends a great deal of time in the States, particularly Austin. She's a food blogger (BurgerMary.com), event organizer, media specialist, etc, and her knowledge of the Austin food scene is vast. In fact, I challenge you to find anyone in Oz who knows more about the Austin BBQ scene than Jess.

There is no shortage of Top 10 lists or "Best of" lists for Austin BBQ. Jess has created a list, but it's not your typical format. She has categorized her Austin BBQ picks so as to help the uninformed navigate the crowded Austin BBQ landscape. Her categories are as follows: Superstars, The Heavyweights, The New Guys, The Standbys, & Hill Country Heroes. Check it out!

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