Friday, January 3, 2014

Old 300 BBQ (Blanco, TX)

On October 16, a new BBQ joint opened for business in Blanco, TX: Old 300 BBQ. One of our faithful readers visited and sent me this:

"FYI, a new BBQ joint opened up in Blanco in the old Riley’s BBQ place.  Couple of pix for you…

I had the brisket and sausage.  Both well smoked in oak and very tasty.  Nice bark on the brisket.  Great beans and slaw and they have a bunch of Real Ale products on draft from just down the street at the brewery.  The new owners are very nice and they sport a limestone pit inside.  Definitely worth a visit!"

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Don O. said...

We stopped by there backi in August, but we were a tad early. I did like their sign, though!