Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Top 10 Austin Barbecue Joints" (Austin Chronicle)

Yesterday, the Austin Chronicle published its picks for Austin's Top 10 BBQ joints. I'd love to read your reactions to it.

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Jacob said...

No Freedmans on the list is a sin.

I haven't had Live Oak for a long time (3 years), so maybe it is better, but from my own experience they would not be 10. Honestly I would pick Sams over them.

Don't think Valentina deserves to be there.

Would also sneak in Browns BBQ.

Honestly, after the top 3 (which I think is in reverse order), my next six would be in no particular set order (Blue Ox, Stiles Switch, Micklewaithe, Freedmans, Kerlin, Browns). Austin simply has to much great BBQ. Maybe Live Oak for my last, maybe "Its all Good BBQ", Scotty's BBQ, or perhaps even Sams BBQ