Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did you know...

...that, in addition to white bread and crackers, you can get soft flour tortillas (for a minimal price - 2 for 39 cents, at one Austin location I called) with your meal at Rudy's?

Speaking of Rudy's (but another one, not the chain -- hat tip to Chris), the owner of Rudy's BBQ in Sinton is set to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly:

Rudy Davila will appear on national television on Friday.

Davila was a top online vote-getter in the “Live with Regis and Kelly” Ultimate Hometown Grill Off for his brisket recipe.

“I’m ecstatic right now,” said the owner of Rudy’s BBQ and Catering prior to the lunch rush on Monday. “I’m just trying to pull myself together and hopefully I’ll be ready for customers in about 30 minutes.”

He leaves for New York on Wednesday morning and said he plans to have dinner with show personnel that night. He will prepare the brisket on Thursday during the taping of the show, which will air on Friday.

The winner will receive the “Ultimate Hometown Grill Recipe” title and will appear in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

“Live with Regis and Kelly” airs at 9 a.m. weekdays on ABC.

The independently operated Rudy’s BBQ and Catering first began as a catering service more than 25 years ago, before Davila opened the restaurant in 2001.


Chris said...

FYI: The Rudy's near Corpus (Sinton) is a different (and better) place than the Rudy's Chain you're familiar with. It's not a franchise nor does it share trade dress. It's a small, cramped place with pretty good BBQ (especially the sausage) that's simply named for the owner.

Drew Thornley said...

Thanks, Chris. I was so confused when I first read the story, under the impression that his place was a Rudy's franchise. It just didn't make sense. Thanks for clearing it up.