Friday, June 12, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009: Miss Mae's Bar-B-Q (Wimberley, Texas)

Seven of us made the beautiful drive to Wimberley for Man Up’s first visit to Miss Mae’s Bar-B-Q. It was great to have Mark’s dad and Skye join us for the first time.

A double wide with lots of character, Miss Mae’s is a stone’s throw to Wimberley’s quaint downtown. Brisket is the top seller, but the half chicken was easily my favorite offering. Turkey was dry. Service was great. Everyone was friendly and attentive, and we are especially grateful to owner Steve Dunks, who, though swamped, took the time to show us the pit out back and give us the history of the place.

Russell kicks off the reviews: “Given the extraordinarily stressful cooking conditions of Memorial Day weekend, this place was excellent. Great, old-time Texas Hill Country feel. Not commercialized at all…nor will it ever be most likely. Great hospitality and home-cooked ambience. Brisket – Tasted a little bland, roast-beefish, and stringy. That said, since it was stressed, and quick-cooked, I think it was still a fairly high quality cut of meat. Pork ribs – Also a little rushed and crispy…but good flavor. Sausage – Good. Turkey – He overpromised and under-delivered a bit on this one. It was less moist than advertised. Sweet tea – Some of the best I’ve had and my recommended item much so that I had to get a gallon of it to go (which I’m using to mix with Firefly in my John Daly’s!). Desserts – nanner puddin’ and peach cobbler ala mode…both awesome.”

Russell’s country talkin’, btw: also awesome.

Brad writes: “Brisket – was stringy and very roast beefish, which daddy likes -- I'm not into that it needs to stick together to be a good brisket theory. However, I think if it was a little more moist I would give it a 9. Ribs – I can barely remember these if that tells you anything. Sausage – a’ight. Turkey – was too dry for me. Sweet tea – I'm not sure it was the sweet tea that was so good as our buddy Russell states or the ice they put in that thing. Can you say sno-cone with tea flavor? So maybe this rating is for the ice and not the tea. Tea was good, though. Peach cobbler – Momma’s is better, but this wasn't bad. Ambiance - The surroundings and little knick knacks inside were a nice touch as you sit inside a converted double wide. It almost felt like Miss Mae decorated it herself. I think it would be awesome though if they added the song that they have on their website to play every time someone walks in the door. Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Q. Jump in your car put on your shoes we are going to eat some bar b q. Don’t worry about that Sunday dress. You’re going to end up a big ole mess. Overall, you can't beat being out of the big city to experience some good ole BBQ in a double wide combined with a scenic drive and good friends.”

Russell’s scores – Brisket: 8.4; Pork ribs: 9; Sausage: 9.15; Turkey: 8.25; Sweet tea: 10; Desserts: 9.98; Service: 9.9; Overall experience: 9.35

Brad’s scores – Brisket: 8.5; Pork ribs: 7.85; Sausage: 8; Turkey: 7.25; Sweet tea: 10; Peach cobbler: 8.75; Atmosphere: 9; Overall experience: 8.95

Drew’s scores – Chicken: 9.1; Brisket: 8.3; Turkey: 5; Atmosphere: 9.2; Service: 9.9; Overall experience: 8.9

Overall Man-Up Score: 9.067

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Connie in Wimberley. said...

Hey guys. The locals don't even eat here, and it's empty most of the time because the meat is always dry, dry, dry. People have suggested to the owner to make some changes, and his short temper explodes. AVOID. This dusty double-wide will be closed by Labor Day.