Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Inman's Kitchen BBQ & Catering

We met at Inman's Kitchen for our first lunch. It was the Saturday before the Friday that KVET's Bucky & Bob were arriving to celebrate Inman's grabbing the KVET listeners' award for the best BBQ in Central Texas. We ordered a bunch of items, and the general consensus was as follows: dry brisket, decent chicken, very good ham, great turkey sausage, and absolutely delicious homemade bread. Russell's scores: overall- 8.64; atmosphere - 9; jalapeño turkey cheddar sausage wrapped in fresh bread - 9.13; beans - 8.88; brisket - 7 (too dry); chicken - 8.75. I enjoyed spending some time with the owner and his grandson, who were both gracious hosts. The pit was huge. And awesome. First of two rounds of pics:

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