Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas BBQ Giveaway #5: Blue Ribbon Barbecue (Austin, Texas)

I'm pleased to announce our 5th Texas BBQ Giveaway. This one comes to you courtesy of the newest BBQ joint in Austin (and the latest affiliate of The Q Card): Blue Ribbon Barbecue. Same rules as always: Email me your answers (Don't leave them as comments.) to any/all of the questions below. Please include your name and hometown. Each correct answer gets your name in the hat (both parts of each question must be correct), and we'll draw a winner (Smart money is on consulting BRB's website for the answers.). Man Uppers aren't eligible. Maximum of one prize per winner. Contest is open through August 23.

#1: Who owns Blue Ribbon Barbecue, and how many years of experience does he/she have in the Texas BBQ business?

Prize: Official Blue Ribbon Barbecue T-shirt

#2: How many meats does Blue Ribbon Barbecue sell by the pound, and how many side items are available?

Prize: Small Family Pack (1.5 pounds of meat, 3 pints of sides, sauce, pickles, onions, peppers, & bread - $28 value)

#3: The owner's grandfather was a legendary Texas BBQ restaurateur. What was his name, and where did he open his first BBQ restaurant?

Prize: Large Family Pack (2.5 pounds of meat, 4 pints of sides, sauce, pickles, onions, peppers, & bread - $44 value)

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