Monday, July 26, 2010

QOTD: Would you like a side of flies with that?

On our Texas BBQ travels, we often encounter swarms of flies that want in on the action. We've swatted while dining outside, we've swatted while dining inside. We've swatted flies away from the community pickles and onions. We've sat next to windowsills littered with flies from days gone by. Is this a negative? Some say no. Seriously, quit whining. Did you come here to eat meat? And can you really expect BBQ joints, particularly ones with outdoor pits, with their doors opening all day, not to have an infiltration of hungry flies? That's it. Go wait in the car. Others yes. Just hang some water bags already! Flies: nasty nuisance or just part of an authentic Texas BBQ experience?


Drew Thornley said...

For the record, I posted this QOTD before I saw this:

Anonymous said...

Huge negative

Anonymous said...

Flies excrete every time they land, sooooooo put me in the anti-fly-atmosphere camp.