Friday, January 1, 2010

Manning Up on 2009

We launched Man Up Texas BBQ back in August 2008, so this was our first full calendar year - and it was a great one! I'm pretty sure that even some Man Uppers wouldn't have expected this experiment to be around - much less growing - after almost a year and a half, but here we are. Soooooo, you'd better recognize. Or not. That's fine, too. Regardless, a look back at 2009 is in order. I don't want to bore you with a long, mechanically-sound narrative, so here are the highlights. We...

Had BBQ at 51 different places (several more than once), including 39 we'd never visited (at least not for the blog)

Handed out Best of 2008 awards

Entered into the wild-and-wooly fray that is social media. We're on Twitter, have a Facebook group, and created a Texas BBQ group on Ning.

Took part in the 1st annual BBQ Bowl

Saw 2 couples in our crew get hitched and a 3rd get engaged - soooo, strictly going on percentages, if you're single and don't want to be, you should probably join us

Got business cards

Started selling merchandise

Starting linking reviews to Urbanspoon

Added 5 new blog features: Q&A, Texas BBQ Wannabes, Question of the Day, Polls, and Reader Reviews

In conjunction with our outings, we saw a Cory Morrow show, toured the Shiner brewery and a sausage factory, took a dip in Hamilton Pool, saw some Texas high school championship football games, hit up several cigar lounges, and celebrated some birthdays

Posted our third installment of BBQ 101

Smoked a brisket and blogged about it throughout the day

Smoked a second and third brisket and streamed it live on the internet

Ventured outside of Texas and had BBQ in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Germany, Russia, Brazil, and Argentina

Held 3 new rounds of Battle BBQ

Launched our first Texas BBQ Giveaway

Sincerest thanks to everyone who follows us. It was a fantastic year, and we expect 2010 to be even better. We've got some cool things in the works, so we hope you'll stay with us. From all of us at Man Up Texas BBQ, very best wishes for the new year!


Natanya said...

Your blog is new to me but I'm very excited that I found it. Based on your list adventures, it sounds like there is much fun and good eating to be had by following your blog. I hope that 2010 treats you well and hopefully we can connect at one of the local Austin food blogger events.

RP said...


Leona said...

Ok. When I first heard you guys were going to do this in '08, I thought you were crazy to find an excuse to eat so much BBQ. I'm rather impressed that this expanded as it did.