Friday, December 20, 2013

Best BBQ in Plano?

Continuing down the list of the largest Texas cities (by population), #9 on the list is Plano. Speaking of which, lots of people I know from Plano say they're from Dallas. I'd buy that if Plano weren't the 9th-biggest city in the state. You're from Plano. Own it! Anyway, which Plano BBQ joint is the best?


Jacob said...

As someone from Plano, I say I'm from Dallas, when I am outside of Dallas, because not everyone knows where Plano is. Or if this was the year 1998, the would associate it with Heroin. Plus it is still a suburb.

But to the more important question: there is not best BBQ in Plano, trick question. The closest thing is Meshacks in Garland.

smokinronniesbbq said...

Jacob's right. Closest thing is Meshack's. Lockhart's is about to open a new shak downtown soon.