Friday, December 6, 2013

"Top 10 BBQ Christmas Gifts for 2013" (BBQ Bros)

It's always great to see what other BBQ blogs are up to, and I'm thankful we have such an active (and growing) community. One of these blogs, BBQ Bros, just published its picks for the "Top 10 BBQ Christmas Gifts for 2013." We are so honored to have our All-Star Sauces included on the list. Thank you, BBQ Bros, for including us!

All-Star Sauces has just shipped its final shipment of 2013, our inaugural year. And we're so excited about 2014. We have a whole new lineup of 6 award-winning sauce vendors set for Year 2. You can order any single shipment (2 bottles), a half-year membership (6 bottles), or a year membership (12 bottles). Order for yourself and/or friends/family, & let us send award-winning BBQ sauces to your front door!

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