Thursday, December 26, 2013

What's the best BBQ truck/trailer in Houston?

Austin is dotted with BBQ food trucks/trailers; and, to be honest, when I think of BBQ trucks, I think of Austin. But I live in Austin, so that's not too surprising. But Houston Metro has its share of BBQ trucks/trailers, as well. Of all the non-B&M BBQ joints in The greater Houston area, which one is the best?


Drew Thornley said...

Reply to me via Twitter: "@CorkscrewBBQ in north houston is as good as any B&M bbq I've had in Austin Or Luling or anywhere else"

Drew Thornley said...

Reply to me via Twitter: "The laws in HTX make it tough to actually operate a trailer / truck specializing in Que. Corkscrew in Spring. Brooks Place in Cypress both made the 2013 list so they have to be included as we consider it all HTX."

Daniel Youd 31 said...

Agree about wheel base length! When I was young I knew someone who flipped their trailer with horses in it bc their vehicle was to small to control the trailer- they were towing with a Jeep Grand Cherokee and had put many towing miles with it- but in a sticky situation it didn't have the size to safely handle it and thus flipped
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