Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cowboy Joe's BBQ sauces added to January 25 tour!

On January 25, we're heading to Lexington, Taylor, & Georgetown for our 1st public Texas Q Tours trip of 2014. The van sold out, so we are going to open up 1 more. The trip is all-inclusive, and now we are adding even more value: Each person on the trip will take home 2 bottles (1 original, 1 spicy) of Cowboy Joe's Pit & Grilling Sauce!

Both of these BBQ sauces placed in the People's Choice Contest Top 10 at this year's Gettin' Sauced! At the 2012 Gettin' Sauced!, Cowboy Joe's won the Vinegar (Mild) category of the Bottled Contest AND won the Overall Category of the Bottled Contest! Cowboy Joe's is based right here in Austin, & they will be on the trip, so you will have the opportunity to meet them & chat. Join us on the trip!

Speaking of Cowboy Joe's, they are the first vendor in the 2014 lineup of All-Star Sauces! They'll be shipping 2 bottles of sauce (original, spicy) to each All-Star Sauces customer. The deadline to receive the January shipment has passed, but you can still nab Cowboy Joe's February shipment by ordering by January 15!

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