Sunday, December 15, 2013

Year 2 of All-Star Sauces!!!

The new year is almost here, and we have an entirely new lineup of BBQ sauces for our 2nd year of All-Star Sauces! Just as it was this year, next year's program will consist of 6 BBQ-sauce vendors, each of which will ship 2 sauces per program customer. If you don't order in time to receive the first order, you're not out of luck, b/c each vendor will ship 2 separate shipments. For example, TODAY is the deadline to order the January 2014 shipment. If you don't order by today but still want the sauces from the January vendor, you can order by January 15 and receive that same vendor's February shipment. March/April is the 2nd vendor. May/June is the 3rd vendor. July/August is the 4th vendor. September/October is the 5th vendor. November/December is the 6th & final vendor.

There are 3 order options: single shipment (1 shipment: 2 bottles), half year (3 shipments: 6 bottles), or full year (6 shipments: 12 bottles). If you want any single shipment, just order by the 15th day of the month before the particular shipment. For example, if you want sauces from the May/June vendor, then either order by April 15 or May 15. If you order the half year or the full year, then your shipments will come every other month. For example, if you order the half-year membership by today, you will receive the January, March, & May shipments. If you miss today's deadline and still want the January/February vendor's sauces, then your half-year membership will ship sauces to you in February, April, & June. Got it? If not, check out our FAQs.

The 2014 vendors are...

Jan/Feb - Cowboy Joe's (Austin, TX)
Mar/Apr - GrillMaster Chuck (Holly Springs, NC)
May/Jun - Pemberley Foods (Hinsdale, NH)
Jul/Aug - Stellar Gourmet (Austin, TX)
Sep/Oct - Uncle Bob's (Montgomery, TX)
Nov/Dec - TWG (Santa Rosa, CA)

So, hop on, & let us send award-winning BBQ sauces to your door. ORDER TODAY for yourself and/or friends/family!

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