Thursday, December 12, 2013

Texas BBQ Giveaway: Opie's Barbecue (Spicewood, TX)

It's holiday season, a time to give! Thanks to the wonderful folks at Opie's Barbecue, we have another Texas BBQ Giveaway for you. One lucky winner will snag (1) a $50 Opie's Barbecue gift certificate & (2) an Opie's Barbecue t-shirt! (Speaking of $50 & t-shirt, did you know that if you spend $50 at Opie's & present The Q Card, you get to pick one of their awesome t-shirts and take it home for free? Well, you do.)

On Monday, we'll hold a drawing for winner. So, you have through Sunday to enter. There are 4 ways to enter. You are allowed to enter more than 1 way, so if you enter, say, all 4 ways, you get your name in the hat four times! Here are the 4 ways to enter:

Email us
Tweet us
Leave a Facebook comment
Leave a comment (with contact info.) to this blog post

But wait. There's more! If you email me an entry and include in your email the Opie's (unofficial, meaning as determined by me!) slogan, I'll throw in an extra entry. So, enter all 4 ways AND include the (unofficial) slogan in your email to me, and you have 5 entries! If you don't already know the 5-word (unofficial) slogan, you can find it on the homepage of the Opie's website.

All entries due by Sunday. The drawing will take place Monday. In the meantime, connect with Opie's via Facebook & Twitter!


Unknown said...

Would love to give Opie's a try...thanks for yet another great contest!

twitter: @jeffamador2

Aaron M said...

I second Jeff's comment. Thanks Drew!

Twitter: @aaronmaestas

Sue in Grapevine said...

Yum, BBQ!
@SueinGrapevine on twitter

Unknown said...

Sign me up...again!!

Joe Wagner said...

Love Opie's! Life is Good in Spicewood. :)

Joe Wagner said...

Life is Good in Spicewood!!

TexSquid said...

Opie's! Opie's !

Unknown said...

I am in

Twiiter: @cornontheswaab