Saturday, December 27, 2008

Black's and Smitty's

Man Up’s second visit to Lockhart (“The Barbecue Capital of Texas”) was easily one of the most enjoyable outings we’ve had. A record number (11) – including 4 first timers – made the trip, which started with our first visit to Black’s Barbecue and ended with a return visit to Smitty’s Market.

Before we get to comments from some of the ones who made the trip, a couple of general comments with which, I believe, pretty much the entire group concurs: First, the service at Black’s was outstanding, arguably the most personal and hospitable service we’ve had yet. Second, the pork ribs at Smitty’s are as good as any we’ve had.

It was Bo's first time to Man Up. He reflects, "Being one of the 4 first time 'Man-Upers,' I almost couldn't sleep the night before with such anticipation. Even though I grew up in Central Texas (Buda) and worked at a BBQ joint for 6 years (The Salt Lick), circumstances had never allowed me to experience the wonderful world of Lockhart, Texas, BBQ (I know, almost a sin). These places had only lived in my imagination vicariously through the words of the editors of Texas Monthly and my luckier friends. But, no matter how exquisite one's explanation is of a Texas BBQ joint, the true flavor and appeal is in the experience of gathering together a group of friends and making the excursion yourself. Overall my first trip to Lockhart was not a disappointment, and it definitely won't be my last. Smitty's probably had the slight edge in taste, but the hospitality of Black's is unsurpassed. Maybe it was just my hope that one day I could also retire from the practice of law and run a bbq restaurant but I don't think there is a better host than Mr. Black."

Russell writes, "Our second trip to Lockhart turned out to be what TX BBQ trips are all about. It had the feel of bringing all our journeys thus far full circle, back to when the blogging all began a few months ago. Great friends and BBQ fanatics (11 of us made the trip), braving the elements (e.g. Travis and Jason getting a bit windblown as poor Amir's cheap window on his less-than-cheap-vehicle wouldn't roll quite up…but we rolled on!), in order to experience TX BBQ and hospitality at its best."

Pictures, reviews, and scores up next…

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