Thursday, February 19, 2009

Live from Rudy's...

Blogging for the first time from a BBQ joint. I found out Tuesday that Rudy's (at least the one on Hwy. 620 in Austin) has free wireless, so I'm back at my spot in the back, with my Trophy Refill of iced tea, about to do some work. I'll break in a bit for my third Rudy's meal in less than a week.

Odds and ends:

1. Keep commenting on yesterday's Questions of the Day (Man Up's first QOTD post; many more to come).

2. Brisket has tied it up with pork ribs, in Man Up's first poll.

3. Reviews in the hopper: Old Coupland Inn, The Salt Lick, and Schoepf's

4. Man Up is making plans for our first outing in San Antonio, so sit tight.


Anonymous said...

In 1999, my two best friends and I did a 72-day, 36-state road trip which basically took us from DC to DC-- clockwise. One of the foremost divining aspects of this trip was barbecue. Wherever we could find it we would eat it, from high end to low end, from Chicago to Austin, to St Louis to Columbia, to KC to DC to... wherever. We would drive a day out of our way if we got a good recommendation, and we would try as much as we could stomach at each stop.

I am a brisket man myself. But we'd always try links, chicken, beans, slaw... whatever was available. Sauce would be ordered on the side so we could see how the meat held up, if it melted in your mouth or was too dry or flavorless. The trip and the barbecue were both among the best I've ever had.

I mention all of this here because you mentioned that Man Up is heading to San Antonio.

In all of our barbecue-eating, probably upwards of thirty meals in a dozen states, my number one favorite brisket was from Bob's Smokehouse outside of San Antonio. Now I don't know if they still exist, and they were never much more than a hole in the wall to begin with (though in my estimation most of the best barbecue joints are-- excepting Rudy's of course). But if you get the chance don't waste your time on any fancy riverwalk barbecue, and go get yourself some Bob's Smokehouse. The meat, the sauce, and the beans, were all among the best we had in our three-month sojourn. It's been ten years, so I can't make any promises, but I dream of the day I make my pilgrimage back to that sweet spot where my taste buds were treated to such delicious smoky goodness.

Drew Thornley said...

Lucas, I already thought you were awesome, but you just took it to a new level. Hope the move to D.C. has gone well.