Friday, May 18, 2012

YOU choose our 3rd BBQ bus trip!!!

Our current USA BBQ Bracket has me in a voting kind of mood, so I thought I'd ask you to vote on where we should take our 3rd BBQ bus. (Our 2nd bus is heading to the Hill Country on Sat, June 16. Still plenty of time to snag a seat!) So, I've come up with some options (listed in no particular order). Make your pick!

Option 1: Opie's (Spicewood) & Cooper's (Llano), with some winery stops

Option 2: Schoepf's (Belton), Miller's (Belton), & Johnny's (Salado), with a stroll down main street Salado

Option 3: Gonzales Meat Market (Gonzales) & City Market (Luling), with a visit to Shiner Brewery (To stop by Shiner Brewery, the tour would have to be on a WEEKDAY.). If we did the tour on a Saturday, we could add a 3rd stop at a BBQ joint in Lockhart.

If none of these tickle your BBQ fancy, feel free to suggest other trips in which you'd be interested. We want to put together trips that folks want, so let us know what you want. In short, help me help you.



My suggestions:

South Side Market
J Muellers (trailer)

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter reply: "Option 1 sounds cool to me."

Josh Bratton said...

Would love to have ya'll at Johnny's!

Drew Thornley said...

Twitter reply: "Option 3. TX monthly's # 1 joint #CityMarket + Shiner Brewery....Sounds like heaven or just #texas"

Frank said...

Did a really cool Czech tour a year or two ago that included German lunch at Sanglemann Hall in Schulenburg, and a visit to Halletsville Meat Market-

Drew Thornley said...

That sounds nice! How was the meat market?