Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"Best BBQ in the American South" (Huffington Post)

Just saw yet another best-BBQ article. This one on Huffington Post is entitled Best BBQ in the American South. The article begins,

A 2,500-mile, three-week road trip across the American South in search of this vast and varied region's best BBQ turned out to be one of the smartest -- and tastiest -- travel ideas I've ever had. A heaping helping of delectable local culture at every stop was all but ensured alongside the opportunity to enjoy some of the most deeply satisfying meals of my life -- usually presented with warm reception at independent, family-owned establishments.
The journey is chronicled in a series of "BBQ Bound" posts published on my personal blog, tikichris. Have a look at the complete series here:
But for those preferring to cut to the chase and get to the meat of the matter, listed below are the 25 best BBQ eateries visited during my trip. Each one of these independent and mostly family-owned establishments astounded my palate profoundly with authentic and traditionally made American food.
The Texas joints that made the author's (Chris Osburn) list are as follows:

Franklin (Austin)
Micklethwait (Austin)
Lockhart Smokehouse (Dallas)
Pecan Lodge (Dallas)
Smoke (Dallas)
Salt Lick (Driftwood)

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Joe Wagner said...

everyone's entitled to their opinion, even though they are wrong. :)

At least 20 better joints than SL in Austin. You could swing a dead cat and not miss one of them...

Have a Happy New Year y'all!